YourRelationshipSolution, is an international platform created to help you with relationship, marriage or life troubles you need help resolving. We have professional relationship coaches who are ready to help you find the right answers to life issues.


Our Services Include


One-on-on coaching

One-on-coaching is for anyone seeking help in any area of his or her relationship life, we answer questions like;

_ How do you handle a cheating partner?

- How do you get him to propose?

- How do you make your wife and mother see eye to eye

_ How to be a good wife or husband?

- How to handle a player?

-How do you make your partner respect you?

-How do you stop domestic violence?

-And more.....whether it is spiritual, career wise, we are here to help.

Couples coaching

This is for married couples, seeking to have a blissful relationship. We offer pre-counseling sessions for"about to wed"couples and also 'in-marriage sessions for couples already married. I always recommend couples counseling because both of them can come up with healthy solutions for their marital issues.

Coaching on intimacy

Our coaching for a better sex life, is for couples or individuals seeking to understand their sexual expressions and how to have a healthy intimacy with their partners. Always know that a great sex helps you balance your mental and emotional state as much as possible

Coaching on personal growth

This is for those seeking spiritual  growth, personal growth, business growth,and more. Self awareness and growth is always the best place to start where you need a positive change in your life. You will be amazed at what and who you can morph into and all you will attract into your life, because you have made up your mind to give yourself the chance to grow.


About Me


Toyin Abiola is a love and marriage coach and speaker, her passion is to help couples who desire a blissful relationship to achieve one. She believes that your marriage can work if you are ready to make it work. 

Life is hard, but understand the truth of your existence and the power you have been given to help you navigate through those difficult times. 

Toyin decided to create this platform after she stumbled on a video of a young boy who committed suicide. He left a video for his family members advising them and telling them he was tired of living, that same day he shot himself. What if he had someone to talk to, be a shoulder for him to cry on, what if he had just one NO, and a ray of hope?He would still be alive today. 

So many people have mental issues and depressions because of difficult situations in their marriages, relationships, lives and careers. Toyin is here by God's grace to help you with solutions to that situation as much as she can. BETTER YOU TALK TO SOMEONE BEFORE YOU TAKE THAT HUGE STEP. 

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How It Works

Once you have made a choice, book your session, and you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. You will be contacted on the day and time of your counseling session. 

If you  live in other countries and would love to book a session, book it and pay the equivalents in your own currency. 


Pricing & Plans


Phone Counseling & Coaching Session

Through chats, face-time video calls, and audio calls

(We will do it how you want it. Please remember to choose the time that best works for you)

You can send payments also through Paypal: toyinabiolatalks@gmail.com

or CASHAPP: $toyinabiola

If you  live in other countries and would love to book a session, book it and pay the equivalents in your own currency. 

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People's Stories

"Toyin Abiola's coaching session has been my life saver, she was who God used to save me. I was going through so much marital issues and was at my wits end, a call to her saved my life and my marriage".

Theresa, USA

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